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Examples of Our Services Examples of Our Services Clogged dryer vent before cleaning 204027058 Dryer vent removal due to plastic duct work 204027059 Reconstructed dryer venting system from plastic to rigid metal 204027118 Lint removed from a dryer vent 204027060 Lint removed from a dryer vent 204027061 Mike inspecting an air duct; camera guided if necessary 204027062 Mike cleaning an air duct 204027063 Main duct before cleaning 204027064 Main duct after cleaning 204027065 Residential return duct before cleaning 204027066 Residential return duct after cleaning 204027067 Mike safely removes lint from a dryer filter 204027068 Lint accumulated in a dryer filter. Always remember to clean the filter after each load 204027069 Gap discovered during a level one inspection of a gas fire place 204027163 Freshly cleaned residential carpet 204027165 We treat all pet stains and odors on your carpets or oriental rugs 204027164